5 best things to do When you are jobless

Are You Jobless? You Still Have a Job |-

Yes, you have a job. You have a job to find a job from 9AM to 5PM.

You need to take a shower in the morning, wear a good dress, and sit on the table.

Spend 3 hours dedicated to learning a skill if you don't have.

Spend 1 hour to polish your CV for every company and job type.

Spend 1 hour to polish your LinkedIn profile.

Spend 30 minutes to see the people's profile on LinkedIn who are doing jobs in your industry and adjust your LinkedIn profile as per.

Spend 2 hours for activity on LinkedIn for posts, likes, and comments. It will give you good visibility.
Break of 2 hours

 And you have done today work. Now spend time with your family. 

Keep working until you find a job. Don't stop learning.