Office Politics make BEST PEOPLE quit.

Office politics are defined by self-interests and agendas that run ahead of business goals. Management is ready sacrifice success in order to look good or to maintain control.

Sure signs of a highly political environment:
Office Politics 101: Blame-games, finger pointing.

Office Politics 102: Mind-games and manipulation.

Office Politics 103: Managers operate by pressure - not by inspiration nor by support

Office Politics 104: Setting up people to fail.
Office Politics 105: Honesty is considered to be a threat.
Office Politics 106: Not sharing relevant information in order to maintain control.
Office Politics 107: Responsibility avoidance and dilution.

Office Politics 108: Not hiring nor promoting strong performers so as not endanger own position.
Office Politics 109: Spreading rumors to damage someone’s reputation.
Office Politics 110: Misrepresenting own accomplishment to make oneself look better at expense of others. Taking credit for other people's successful work, and "crediting" them when their efforts fail

Office Politics 111: Favoritism and nepotism.
Office Politics 112: False promises to get someone to do something, e. g. to accept a job or a responsibility.

Office politics 113: Backstabbing.

Office Politics 114: Micromanagement and excessive control.

Office Politics 115: Obedience is preferred to loyalty.
To sum it up:
Loyalty, talent and and hard work are not appreciated in toxic political cultures. Honesty and integrity are punished.
That's when best people say:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sure signs that you work in a healthy environment free from toxic politics.
1) Leadership is open, fair, authentic, honest, friendly and supportive.
2) Failures and mistakes are treated as lessons. Finger-pointing is frowned upon.
3) Employees are trusted and empowered.
4) People are promoted and rewarded on the basis of their accomplishments, not political favors.
5) Leadership takes real risks for employees, stands up for them, gets them what they need, is there for them when they run into problems.
6) Best ideas win.
7) Employees come first.

8) Loyalty, talent and hard-work are appreciated and recognized.
Seek respect, not attention. It lasts a lot longer.
Seek loyalty, not obedience. It is worth a lot more.
Do you agree ?

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